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February 07 2018

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how to tip

If you do this get the fuck off my blog

Please understand that they gave a 33% tip, in cash instead of on a card, to increase the odds that the server could keep all of it.

What they mean by ‘taxation is theft’ is that servers are taxed on the ASSUMPTION that they will be tipped. If they don’t make those tips, they get taxed on them anyway. It is literally theft. By leaving cash and not writing it on the receipt, they’ve allowed the server the option of quietly slipping that 20 into their pocket and therefore not being taxed on it.

Damn I thought folks knew this …

Nope. Actually no body ikno knows this

cash is king when it comes to tips

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i clocked out and one of my managers asked me, “where do you think you’re going?” home, i told him, to eat dinner. “what’re you having?” was the follow up, and it took all the effort i had left to give not to say “all the beer in my fridge”


Imagine Ginny Weasley walking through the halls and getting catcalled by a few boys. “Looking hot, Weasley!” One of them yells. Behind her, Fred and George start doing ridiculous poses, blowing kisses to the unsuspecting boys.

“I know,” they say in unison.

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he loves it

reblog in 1 minute and you will love it

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did you hear about the kid who stopped going to hot topic



she was never scene again

Shut your the fuck hell

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sort of. 

Reposted byVostok Vostok
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Your salary is the bribe they give you for giving up on your dreams

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Black Panther Reviews Round Up

another one of those days where i just can’t muster the energy to give a fuck


*feels nothing* mmm, don’t like that
*feels something but like, too much* mmm not a fan of that either


A mute supervilain would be the most badass thing ever. There would be no long winded speeches about his/her plan while allowing the hero to escape…

February 06 2018

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Marchesa Pre-Fall 2018

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Council Grove Republican, Kansas, August 15, 1947

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